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Visitors to Canary Wharf can now recycle their single-use plastic bottles and cans

PKBR Staff Writer Published 20 April 2018

A new deposit return scheme will now allow visitors to Canary Wharf estate to recycle their single-use plastic bottles and cans.

It is claimed to be the first publically accessible recycling machine in the UK and coincides with the government’s move to crack down on plastic pollution.

The on-site deposit return scheme is part of Canary Wharf’s Breaking the Plastic Habit Campaign.

At present, just 43% of the 13billion plastic bottles sold every year in the UK are recycled, with 700,000 littered each day.

Canary Wharf said in Germany, 99% of plastic bottles are recycled following the similar deposit return scheme’s introduction in 2003.

The automated machine in the UK uses a 360-degree scanning recognition system to identify, segregate, collect and process waste drink containers, creating a resource from recyclates that would otherwise likely be incinerated or sent to landfill.

Canary Wharf’s deposit return scheme will also reward users with vouchers and discounts. It will be introduced over the next few months.

Canary Wharf Group sustainability manager Lugano Kapembwa said the company’s research found that visitors to the Estate want to do more for the environment.

Kapembwa said: “This initiative follows on from the hugely successful ‘Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’ campaign launched last year to recycle coffee cups, lids and coffee grounds at Canary Wharf with 664,285 of coffee cups recycled instead of going to landfill.”

Canary Wharf’ said the unit installation is one element of its 12 month ‘one-use plastics’ reduction and behavioural change campaign.

In the next few months, Canary Wharf will examine next generation sustainability issues, with a focus on taddressing the complex issue of plastics pollution as they lead the UK fight against one-use plastics.

The Canary Wharf Estate is a retail destination, which features about 1m sq ft across five shopping malls, including the leisure development, Crossrail Place, housing a roof garden.

Image: Canary Wharf launches the first UK on-site Deposit Return Scheme as part of its “Breaking the Plastic Habit” Campaign. Photo: courtesy of Canary Wharf Group PLC.